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New machines

In the area of new machines Mµtech machinery accessories, the company of Peter Wolters, such as carrier drive systems, Lapping, Polishing Wheels ... and much more

Refurbished machines

In the area of used machines, we have specialized in the general overhaul of machines from the Peter Wolters company.


During an extensive retrofit the machines are completely disassembled, sustainable overhauled, modernized and adapted to the latest process requirement of our customers.

Our range of services

Lapping is an essential work process for precision machining with high surface quality of the end product. In addition to machines for polishing or fine grinding, you can buy the right lapping machine in the Peter Wolters range to suit your operational process. In our assortment you will find many possibilities, from reconditioned models to individual new constructions, how you can optimally use your lapping machine in your company.


Lapping is a machining operation on materials that uses an indeterminate cutting edge. Instead of fixed, bonded abrasive grains, a loose cutting grain is used that comes into contact with the material to be machined via a carrier such as a paste or a liquid. The lapping wheel is used to move the lapping grit over the workpiece, which is then evenly and gently finished.

When you buy a lapping machine and decide on the quality of Peters Wolters, you are placing your trust in a globally established manufacturer with tried and tested solutions. In the Microline AC series, for example, you will find lapping machines with lapping wheels in various diameters that can be precisely matched to your operational process.

Together with polishing and fine grinding machines from the manufacturer, you can optimally equip your company for all work where surfaces need to be processed precisely and finely. Our team will be happy to help you with your selection and advise you on which lapping machine you should buy.

Due to the very high shape accuracy and very low roughness depths, the finest results can be achieved by lapping, which, depending on the process, go beyond fine sanding. The finished materials do not have any directional surface structures after machining, forces and temperatures during machining are comparatively low. Properties such as the load-bearing capacity of the finished workpiece or its resistance to corrosion can also be improved with this process.

Known disadvantages are the higher grain consumption compared to other grinding and polishing processes as well as the possibility of implementing only simple geometries. These disadvantages are offset by the high quality of the end products, which in the case of Peter Wolters machines go hand in hand with reliable and durable technology. It is therefore also worthwhile for your company to buy a lapping machine and to link it individually or modularly with other processing steps.

Many of our customers already have a Peter Wolters lapping machine whose range of functions does not optimally match the operational process. Before you buy a completely new lapping machine, we can help you with new designs. We professionally implement your wishes and ideas and ensure that your lapping machine does maximum justice to your individual process. We achieve this, for example, through these types of optimisation:

- Construction and implementation of a new lapping device
- Overhauling or rebuilding the gearbox
- Integration of new loading tables and feeding systems
- Optimisation of the lapping discs
- Overhaul of the motor

Discuss openly with us which improvements you can imagine for your lapping machine or other machines from Peter Wolters. We will implement these with our many years of know-how in all aspects of the Peter Wolters AC series. We can quickly procure all the parts you need and raise your operational process to a new level.

If you want to integrate the lapping process into your business, you will want to buy a high-quality lapping machine. With our reconditioned models, we offer you the ideal alternative to buying new. We regularly stock completely overhauled machines from the AC series, which you can access at a real cost advantage.

Many components of our overhauled machines have been completely replaced and ensure that you can process your materials just like a new machine. Adaptation to your operational process is also still possible so that the reconditioned lapping machine really suits your operation.

For special requirements, our expert staff will be happy to carry out a retrofit. For this purpose, we completely disassemble a Peter Wolters lapping machine and rebuild it from scratch. As a retrofit, all your individual ideas can be taken into account exactly, for example also in the dimensions of your new lapping machine. Do not hesitate to commission us with a retrofit, which we of course also offer for fine grinding or polishing machines of the brand.


You are still unsure which new or refurbished lapping machine suits your operational process? We would be happy to share our many years of experience with you and pave the way to the optimum operating equipment. Come and talk to our experts and get to know the different models of the AC series from Peter Wolters. We look forward to optimising your operational process.