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  1. Consultation and investigation:
    Gladly we provide all kind of help during used Peter Wolters machine investments. We also offer customers machine investigation to secure constant production output.
  2. Servicing and repair:
    Our well trained service technicians help you with your Peter Wolters machines on site.
  3. Process development:
    We help you in the process development and process optimization of your production parts! The continues increase in flatness -, parallelism - and size variation as well as new materials and machining possibilities require a continuous optimization of the process technology. By your order we supply test runs and process optimisation for standard or new work pieces and materials. This service is also possible in your production on site and this is combined with a machine operator training.
    Serving you is our pleasure!
  4. Machine training:
    During the final acceptance of ordered machines we train the customers staff especially on the ordered machine models in our house free of charge. Our machine software is very user friendly. This training also includes already quite some technology adjustments for our customers production parts.