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Does your machine look like this?

The industrial high volume manufacturing is an everyday challenge for your little older lapping or fine grinding machine(s). In particular the continuous production output is not guaranteed any more.

The following questions often appear: When does the machine require the next bigger repair. Is a repair or overhaul worthwhile? Are all wear parts still available?

We have taken care of this topic and are specialised in the long lasting overhaul and modernisation of Peter Wolters machines of the models AC470, AC500, AC530, AC700, AC800, AC1000, AC1200, AC1400, AC1500, AC1800, AC2000.

Such an extensive retrofit of a machine starts with the complete dismantling and during the assembly the machine will get adapted to the latest process requirement of our customers.

A retro-fit contains a complete dismantling of the arrangement, the inspection of all usable components as well as painting of all ordered components to customer’s wish.

In addition, the following works are carried out:

1.) New design of the control panel using the most modern control technology
2.) Control panel with user-friendly operating surface
3.) The most modern wheel drive technology with possible increase in production output
4.) New designed pneumatic
5.) Gear box overhaul or gear box renewed
6.) The most modern size control to achieve the most tight size variations
7.) Distance servicing and process data recording
8.) Adaptation of the carrier drive system to customer’s wish

We offer a professional servicing of your Peter Wolters machine by our well trained technicians.

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