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AC1200 from Peter Wolters - large fine sanding machine according to your needs.

With the AC1200 model series, you are choosing one of the larger dimensioned product lines of the renowned Peter Wolters brand. The machines belong to the Microline series for the finest processing of your materials and can be purchased as a fine grinding machine, lapping machine or polishing machine. Our experts will be happy to help you find the ideal equipment for your process - from new designs to the use of refurbished machines to retrofitting.

What distinguishes the AC1200 series?

All models in the series aim to help you achieve high-precision series production and machining of materials. Thanks to the modular design, you enjoy all the freedom to integrate different processes from fine grinding to polishing in the same machine sizes of the AC series. The associated measuring control and proven components such as the pneumatic loading system create the basis for handling your process as thoughtfully and effectively as possible.

The model series is able to accommodate workpieces with a maximum component density of 100 mm as well as a maximum diameter of 400 mm. As with all editions of the AC series, you are assured of a long service life and economic efficiency. We understand the need for individual adaptation of the machine to the respective process of our customers and provide optimal support.

Fine grinding, lapping and polishing of the highest quality

For the best possible equipment of your AC1200 machine, clarify with us which work steps are needed around your process. The use for singular applications is conceivable, for example as a pure fine grinding machine or lapping machine. For these purposes, you will regularly find reconditioned machines with us, which can still be adapted to personal requirements before integration into your operation.

If you would like to combine several work steps for your process, we are happy to implement this with the modular approach of the series. If you already have a machine from Peter Wolters, we can improve your operational process through adaptations and new designs. We combine our extensive technical know-how for the Peter Wolters brand with many years of experience and the fast procurement of the required individual parts.

Adapt to your process with new designs

As with all machines in the AC series, you can commission us with new designs to optimise your lapping, polishing or fine grinding machine for daily use in your operation. We develop new designs for your AC1200 that make various tasks easier for you and your employees and speed up the entire process. Our new designs include, for example:

- Rolling devices
- Special lapping and polishing wheels
- rebuilds and overhauls of the gear unit
- new feeding systems
- improved loading tables

Come and talk to us openly about your needs, so that your machine from Peter Wolters fits your process even better. We will find a solution for almost any requirement and can upgrade your production with new designs.

Getting refurbished machines at a reasonable price

If you are thinking about equipping your operation with an AC1200 machine for the first time, our reconditioned models will help you save money. We regularly purchase used machines of this and other series to bring them up to the latest technical standard and resell them. You are guaranteed the same range of functions as with a new machine.

On our website you can immediately see which reconditioned machines of this and other series we have in stock for you. Of course, we make further adjustments before the sale to ensure that the machine is suitable for your process. Even after this, you will enjoy a recognisable cost advantage compared to a brand new machine.

Retrofit - fundamentally new design of the AC1200

In some cases it is worthwhile to rebuild a Peter Wolters fine grinding or lapping machine from scratch. In the retrofit sector, we take over this process. We dismantle machines of the AC1200 series and other models and rebuild them from scratch. This gives us every freedom to meet our customers' wishes in terms of equipment and dimensions.

Talk to us about retrofitting if the standard equipment of a Peter Wolters series is not sufficient for your operational process. As a completely modernised and efficient machine, you are making an operational investment that will inspire you for years to come and ideally help you to take a decisive step ahead of your direct competitors.

Competent advice on all aspects of your process

In addition to our technical expertise, we provide you with high-quality advice. Whether you are equipping your production for the first time with machines from Peter Wolters or optimising your machinery, we will accompany you as an independent, expert partner.

Contact us today to find out more about machines from the AC1200 model series and optimise your operational process in the long term. Whether generally overhauled, individually adapted or retrofitted - we ensure that grinding, lapping and polishing becomes more lucrative in your operation and that proven brand quality does not let you down.