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AC1400 - reconditioned machines according to your needs

Match the AC1400 and other AC series from Peter Wolters exactly to your operational process and benefit from more effective production.

Peter Wolters AC1400 for your factory equipment

The AC1400 series is one of the larger models of the German quality brand Peter Wolters. Applicable for precision work from fine grinding to polishing and lapping, the manufacturer offers you single machines or modular models for multiple applications. Our Mµtech Gräven GmbH is your competent partner to adapt machines of the manufacturer to your process. We can help you with new designs of all models of the AC series, supplemented by inexpensive, generally overhauled machines or a modernisation as a retrofit.

Accurate precision work with the AC1400

Fine grinding and lapping wheels of the AC1400 model series with a diameter of 1,400 mm give this model its name and enable precise machining of larger materials and components. The double-sided processing machine has a precisely working pneumatic loading system, a powerful drive technology and an ultra-fine measuring control without touching the material. Operation and control of the machine is effortless thanks to Peter Wolters' tried and tested software.

The wide range of machining possibilities from fine grinding to polishing to lapping suggests equipping with individually matched hobbing devices as well as machining with different wheel speeds. If your operational requirements change, Mµtech Gräven GmbH will be happy to help you with the adaptation to always meet your operational process.

New designs for your AC1400

For your existing machines of this and other AC series, we will make new designs that fit your company. For example, adapt your Peter Wolters AC1400 in this way with our professional support:

- Rebuilds of the gearbox
- exchange of lapping and polishing wheels
- new hobbing devices
- new loading tables and feeding systems

We are happy to carry out customer-specific overhauls in which we replace classic wear parts and give your MicroLine AC series machine new quality. In this way, you can enjoy the security of being able to carry out your process optimally and safely in the years to come.

Reconditioned machines for your process

If you want to keep your operating costs manageable when purchasing a fine grinding or lapping machine, investing in a used model makes sense. Here, Mµtech Gräven GmbH regularly offers you reconditioned machines with which you do not make any compromises compared to the purchase of a new machine of the AC series.

We check used machines comprehensively and replace classic wear parts and many mechanical components. In doing so, we take into account the wishes of the future user at an early stage, for example in order to equip the reconditioned machine with new designs according to your needs. If you are specifically interested in one of our refurbished machines, simply contact us and tell us how we can adapt it to your operational process.

With a retrofit to a modernised machine

Within the scope of a modernisation, we go one step further and carry out a retrofit according to customer requirements. In this step, we completely disassemble an existing Peter Wolters fine grinding, lapping or polishing machine and reassemble it.

As a rule, the structural components alone are reused in a retrofit. For many other components, we rely on new goods that will raise your operational process to a new level. This includes, for example

- New switch cabinet including control system
- operating panel with our in-house Mµtech software
- new drive technology and pneumatics
- new gearboxes

Together with the replacement of all classic wear parts, the retrofit gives you an all-round modernised machine that exactly matches your process. Contact us and describe your requirements so that your next AC1400 fits your operational purposes.

Using our expertise for all AC series

From decades of experience, we are familiar with the wide product range of Peter Wolters. Our experts will be happy to advise you on all aspects of the AC series and carry out all work steps from general overhauls to retrofits for other editions. Whether compact models such as the AC400 or models with larger grinding and lapping discs - we are very familiar with the Peter Wolters brand world.

If you are thinking about equipping your operation with Peter Wolters quality for the first time, we will advise you independently. Take advantage of the attractive prices of our reconditioned machines and reduce the costs of your new equipment considerably without compromising on quality.

Get competent advice from Mµtech now

Would you like to learn more about the AC1400 series or do you have specific requirements for new designs or overhauls? Contact us today and work with our experts to find the right solution for your operation. We will pave the way for you to handle your operational process even more easily and lucratively in the future.