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Optimise the AC2000 from Peter Wolters for your operational process

Mµtech Gräven GmbH is your specialist for this and other AC series, helping you to optimise the use of your polishing, lapping and fine grinding machines from new design to retrofit.

What distinguishes the AC2000?

The AC200 from Peter Wolters is currently the largest model in the Edition Microline. As a double-sided processing machine, it supports your operational process with high-precision machining of various workpieces. The machine gets its name from grinding wheels with a diameter of approximately 2,000 mm, which can be used for fine grinding, honing, polishing, lapping and deburring.

With its contactless micro-measurement control, a powerful drive and support for machine control from a PC, the series and other AC machines are among the absolute standards for the micro-finishing of workpieces in modern industry. We at Mµtech Gräven can help you to adapt this and other series exactly to your operational process.

High-precision machining of large workpieces

Due to the large grinding and polishing wheels, the series can handle even the largest workpieces to create smooth and optimised surface structures. Particularly with larger value pieces, complementary components such as the reliable feed of the loading pieces, a powerful gearbox and an optimally dimensioned hobbing device play an essential role.

In order to integrate the quality of the work steps of your AC2000 into an optimised overall process, Mµtech Gräven is at your side with advice and equipment. We help you to optimise your machinery and find the best individual solution for your process in the wide range of additional components of the Peter Wolters machines.

Upgrading your AC machines with our new designs

The core of our activity is the overhaul of Peter Wolters machines according to customer requirements. From practical experience, you know how the operational process can be improved even further with this and other machines from the manufacturer. We contribute to this with a variety of new designs that raise your production to a new level.

Typical adaptations of the AC2000 and smaller models that Mµtech Gräven carries out for you include:

- Rebuilds and overhauls of the gearbox
- overhaul of the engine
- new hobbing devices
- new loading tables and feeding systems
- renewal of polishing and grinding wheels

Within the scope of retrofitting, we also equip your AC2000 with the latest drive technology or integrate our in-house software for reliable control. Just come and talk to us and experience how new designs can make your operational process more lucrative and faster.

Access refurbished machines at a reasonable price

If you are thinking about purchasing an AC2000, take a look at our reconditioned machines. With these second-hand models, we have carried out a comprehensive check and replaced all classic wear parts where necessary.

Enjoy the usual high production quality of Peter Wolters on these inexpensive models without investing expensive money in a high-quality new machine. We will be happy to discuss further adjustments to the machines with you before you buy them, so that they exactly match your operational process right from the start.

Retrofit of your AC2000 as a fundamental modernisation

Are you looking for a comprehensive modernisation of an existing AC2000 machine or a machine to be purchased? As your partner for retrofitting, we will help you to implement your needs appropriately and to permanently improve your fine grinding or polishing work.

With a retrofit, only the basic design of the AC2000 is retained, while the inner workings are adapted to your needs. This ranges from the drive technology or the gearbox to the fundamentally new control system, for which our in-house software proves itself again and again.

A rebuild of the pneumatics, an adaptation of the hobbing device or the integration of state-of-the-art measuring technology is also possible within the scope of a retrofit. We will be happy to develop a concept together with you in order to carry out the modernisation of your machine in the best possible way.

Top service also for other Microline machines

Of course, Mµtech Gräven GmbH is not only your expert for the large AC2000 series. We can help you with other models from Peter Wolters and help you to have a machine park that improves your operational process. If wear parts need to be replaced over time or operational circumstances make it necessary to adapt the machines, you can remain flexible with our help.

Simply contact us or discover online which processes we and our partners can actively support you with.

Questions about the AC2000? Contact us now!

If you would like more information about the AC2000 series or are interested in one of our reconditioned machines, simply contact us. Mµtech Gräven GmbH will be happy to become your long-term partner to get the most out of your Peters Wolters machinery.