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Order AC500 as reconditioned machines

For the fine sanding of industrial products, the AC500 from Peter Wolters is an established machine in various companies. For the purchase of a used machine according to your individual company needs, you are at the right place at Mµtech. Here you will find used, reconditioned machines such as the AC500, with which you can optimally equip your company and benefit from the proven quality of Peter Wolters.

Worth knowing about the AC500 fine grinding machine

The AC500 from Peter Wolters is one of the manufacturer's most important sanding machines. Deliberately designed for the fine grinding of industrial products, the machine can be used to produce structural and work parts with the highest precision. With a general overhaul of the AC500 and the replacement of old components with new machine parts, you can return to the familiar original quality of Wolters.

Similar to models such as the AC470 or AC700 fine grinding machine, you are opting for proven quality with a long service life. Depending on the model you choose, you have a different sized working area at your disposal, which you can influence yourself with the size of the AC series working discs.

Your big advantage: Thanks to a general overhaul, it does not always have to be a new purchase when you work industrially with a machine of the AC series from Peter Wolters or other models. We at Mµtech offer you used, completely refurbished solutions with the same functionality as a new purchase from Peter Wolters.

Order AC500 from Peter Wolters reconditioned

With the general overhaul of machines from Peter Wolters you have the certainty that the quality and the application range of the machine are almost as good as new. All parts of the fine grinding machine and all functions of the AC500 have been conscientiously checked and all relevant parts have been renewed.

Simply come to us and describe your wishes so that we can keep you in mind for the next general overhaul of a fine grinding machine. Or take a look at our website to discover current offers for used, refurbished machines from Peter Wolters.

Complete retrofitting also possible

In addition to the general overhaul, we also carry out an adaptation of these and other machines. For example, we can equip your AC500, AC470 or other models with an integrated control cabinet, pneumatic control or other technical extras. In this step, the AC fine grinding machine is completely dismantled by Peter Wolters so that it can then be set up again and technically converted exactly according to your ideas.

Simply describe your detailed ideas to us if you are interested in retrofitting the AC500 or other used machines from the Peter Wolters range. Technically, our experts at Mµtech are able to implement almost any wish and raise your industrial production to a new level. With many years of experience in the maintenance and modernisation of machines, your wishes are in good hands with us.

Have AC500 equipped according to your wishes now

In addition to the tried and tested fine grinding machines of the AC series from Peter Wolters, we can also help you with polishing machines of the AC series or lapping machines such as the AC700. With our help, you invest less for a new purchase and experience how a general overhaul or a far-reaching retrofitting can sustainably enrich your production.

The Mµtech team is happy to answer your questions about the general overhaul of the AC500 or talk to you about a possible retrofitting!